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Enhanced Services

The new 4,000 SF Deschutes Rim Health Clinic is located at 1605 George Jackson Rd, adjacent to the original clinic. The new clinic provides:

  • Updated exam rooms and a procedure room

  • 2 dental operatories, sterilization lab and dentist’s office

  • 2 public restrooms

  • Private office for medical provider

  • Nurses or Medical Assistant station

  • Expanded lobby, front office, lab and medical storage area

  • Consulting room for behavioral health or telehealth

  • Large conference room

  • Large staff breakroom and private restroom

  • Entry vestibule separating the lobby from the entry doorway

  • Expanded parking area

  • Enlarged and re-configured entry drive for ease of emergency response

  • A ‘healing garden’ with water feature.

helging harding.JPG
healing gardinee.JPG

The evolving ‘Health Care Campus’ will provide more holistic and ancillary health care services as the original clinic is transformed. These services include:

  • Chiropractor

  • Accupuncturist

  • Community fitness and rehab room

Additional services may be incorporated into this part of the campus as opportunity arises.

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