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Donors to Capital Campaign
It's YOUR Clinic

Golden Gifts

Community Bank

White River Health District

Leadership Gifts

Albert Wilkinson

Barbara Baker

Basil and Chris Beeler

Bill and Carol Aarnio

Brenda Button & Lynn Ihringer

Cherie Grahn

Crystal Varisco

Dale Madden

Dan & Jan VanVactor

Dean and Lexi Hager

Dennis and Donna Ross

Dennis and Kathie Richey

Dennis and Mary Beechler

Don Jacklin & Carol Beatty

Donna Henderson & Rich Sutliff 

Frank and Coral Roeder

Frank and Susan Kay

Hartwell Whitney

Jamie Birch & Harlene Keely 

Janet Bond

Jerri Parman

John and Lisa Gambee

Judy and Carrol White

Judy Ewing

Karen Dupuis

Maupin Community Church

Merle and Sharon Hlvaka

Merton and Betty Lawson

Michelle Pelkey

Mid-Columbia Medical Center

Mike and Jan Vinsonhaler

Pine Meadows Golf

Ralph and Karletta Carrithers

Road's End Group at North Junction

Ron and Elaine Rathke

Sally Johnston

Sharlene Green

Sharon and Gary DeHart

Steve and Jan Gander

Suzanne Knapp

Terry Vance

Tom and Diane Markiewicz

Tom and Medy Gantz

Tom and Vickie Woodward

Wayne Bothwell

We Care Design and Revenue       Consultants​

Westby Associates

Major Gifts

Barlow Ranch and Rock

Beverly Zapffe

Brian and Valerie Manning

Carol Rager

Chris Penman

Committee to elect John Huffman

Dave Asson

Faustina McDowell

Irene Sullinger

Lane and Sheri Magill

Larry and Helen Moynihan

Larry Magill

Lee and Sharon Balentine

Mike and Danielle Foreaker

Stew White

Tom McDowell

Wampinrock News

Wayne and Jana Webb

Generous Gifts

Agnes Hearne

Bev Froemming

Bill and Charlotte Hawkins

Bill and Kim Mead

Bill and Nancy Simpson

Blaine and Keelia Carver

Briana Manfrass

Cecelia and Dan Lindley

Dan and Bev Gill

Deschutes Club

Donna Bachman

Dorothy Barton

Dr. Andrew Houck

Druanne LaPlante

Emily Black

Frances and George   Whiteman

Frank and Mary Veenker

Gabe Kmetz

Gary Shoenborn

Grayson and Lona Boyte

James and Betty Denison

James and Linda Newton

Jay Lewis

Jeff and Ashley Biesenthal

Jeff Parman

Jennifer Mitechke

Jennifer Simonson

Jim and Marsha Kitchen

Joe and Kathi Ringo

John and Karen Gas

John and Sharon Pacelt

John and Shirley Gray

Jon and Lorna Cole

Joseph and Linda Schable

Josephine Lawson

Judy Richardson

Julie Whetzel

Kate Elliot

Kathleen Schonau

Kathy Block

Ken Stewart

Kim Stebbins

Kurt and Tarita Johnson

Laura Hudson & Rob Simms

Laura Taylor

Lee Urness

Leslie and Diane Bradbury

Linda Swing

Lou and Elsie Melius

Louis Wolfe

Lucille Peterson

Mark and Lindsay Roper

Mark Seder

Melvin and Bonnie Barlow

Michael and Elna Brown

Michael and Linda Hunt

Michele & Dan Spatz

Mik'ail Kurtz

Necia Jackson

Oasis Cabin Resort

Pat Walker

Patrick Becker

Phil and Debra Hager

Pinnacle Architecture

R&H Construction

Raul and Loretta Soria

Rod and Regina Woodside

Ronald and Kaitlynn Meyers

Row Adventures

Sage Rafting

Sandy Chamberlain

Sandy Sofich

Sandy Wong

Sarah Bachman & Ray Wells

Scott & Val Stephenson

Stan and Kathy Kelsay

Steve Drimmel

Terry Smith

Town & Country Players

Virginia Cortes

Wasco Realty

Wes Owens

William and Mrs.Franklin

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