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Steering Committee

The Campaign Steering Committee supported the capital campaign in all its functions for a number of years. This committee disbanded at the completion of the "First Look" event in May 2022 and Steering Committee meetings ceased. Key committee members included Karletta Carrithers, Merle Hlvaka, and Bill Aarnio. Past board members also supported the committee's work.

Foundation Board

The Foundation Board is composed of those individuals who also serve as Board members of the

White RIver Health District.

Sue Knapp


Sheila Murphy


Allison Bechtol


Additional individuals are most welcome to join the Board to help support and guide the Foundation. Ultimately, the goal will be to have the majority of the Board be individuals not affiliated with the District or Clinic to maintain separation between campaign funding and clinic operations. 

Administration of the Deschutes RIm Clinic Foundation website is provided by Lindsay Roper. 

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