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It's YOUR Clinic!

The Community Capital Campaign – Deschutes Rim Clinic Foundation

It’s YOUR Clinic is the theme for the Community Campaign phase of fundraising on a $3,980,000 capital project to build an expanded and modernized health care clinic for South Wasco County and neighboring areas which will improve healthcare access and delivery. 

The need is for more physical space to accommodate more providers, provide for meeting rooms, enlarged offices and expanded patient waiting area, and create greater separation of work areas.  There is also the need for state-of-the-art medical equipment to keep current with medical practices.   

Currently, the existing clinic’s front office lacks privacy for patient discussions and at times serves as a meeting area.  The lab is situated adjacent to the front office space and the storage room serves as the staff breakroom. The building lacks an arctic entry for patient comfort and efficiency in utility costs.  It’s substandard construction from when it was built in 2007 is showing signs of wear and disrepair.

In 2016 South Wasco County was identified as an “Area of Unmet Health Care Need in Rural Oregon” by the Oregon Office of Rural Health.  This service area is also federally recognized as having a shortage of health care providers and as lacking the resources to meet resident medical needs.

The White River Health District is a non-profit local government formed in 2005 as a Special District of Oregon to provide medical services to South Wasco County, a rural area encompassing 2/3 of Wasco County.  The White River Health District is ‘doing business as’ the Deschutes Rim Health Clinic.  Deschutes Rim Health Clinic opened for business in Maupin in September 2007, providing medical and behavioral health services to the residents and 20,000 seasonal visitors to the area. The Deschutes Rim Clinic Foundation supports the Deschutes Rim Health Clinic and the health and wellness needs of our community. 

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